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Friends of PSI

Become a "Friend of PSI" and support our Education and Public Outreach work!

The "Friends of PSI" program is a popular and long-standing method to support the education activities of our scientists. In particular, the revenue generated by the program directly supports the nationwide Education and Public Outreach efforts that our scientists provide to schools, clubs, churches, and other groups who are interested in learning more about the Solar System and its mysteries. 

Our "Friends of PSI" group is diverse. Supporters include scientists, PSI staff & family members, and Planetary Science enthusiasts from all over the world. As a "Friend of PSI" you will receive:

Weekly BriefingIn e-blast format, this weekly, full-color summary gives you an update on what our scientists are working on, papers they have published, scientist profiles, news media summary and more. 

Press Releases: Read PSI breaking news science press releases before the stories appear in the media.

Acknowledgement: Members are acknowledged in the PSI Annual Report and in the Weekly Briefing e-blast. 

Fun Stuff: You will receive a selection of cool PSI-logo merchandise.  

Donate and Join

Annual membership fee is $40, and this is a tax-deductible gift as allowed by law. 

Any comments to share with PSI?

If you have any questions regarding "The Friends of PSI" program or making a gift to PSI, please contact:

Dianne Janis
Development Officer
djannis [at]

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