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Your Support Can Make a Difference ~ Thank you!

Listed below are PSI programs that you can support with your contribution. Thank you so much.    
The Michael J.S. Belton and Anna Don Fund was established by Michael J.S. Belton and Anna Don to support biennial symposiums with a focus on the origins, physical structure and composition of comet nuclei. Dr. Belton was a leader of the planetary science community and made fundamental contributions to cometary science. He was also a member of PSI’s Board of Trustees. His passion for science lives on through the support of this fund.

 The Betty Pierazzo Memorial Fund honors PSI Senior Scientist Betty Pierazzo , an internationally noted planetary impact scientist and educator. This fund supports the Pierazzo International Student Travel Award, which is given annually to an American graduate student to attend a planetary meeting outside the US and to a non-US graduate student to attend a planetary meeting within the US, promoting international collaborations.          


Education and Public Outreach.  Turn on the television, open a newspaper or a news magazine and you will read about the urgent need to improve STEM education. We are doing our part to make a difference nationwide to educate and inspire the next generation of scientists - students. When you hear someone say, “Every gift makes a difference,” that is so very true for our education programs.      


                                                                                   2019 Int'l Observe the Moon Night

                                                                                   PSI Booth at Flandrau Observatory (U of Arizona)

The Annual Fund provides important support for institutional infrastructure, allowing us to smoothly and efficiently provide the best possible environment for our scientists and educators.


                                                                        2019 Annual PSI Retreat

                                                                        Our Director, Dr Mark Sykes, with Future Scientists

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