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Evidence of Young Outflow Materials in Echus Chasma, Mars

Friday, May 15, 2009
Chapman (U.S. Geological Survey)

Recent HRSC images and other high-resolution datasets have prompted a mapping-based study of the Echus Chasma and Kasei Valles system on Mars. Some of the highlights of the new findings from the Amazonian (<1.8 Ga) period in this area is include (1) a new widespread platy-flow surface material (unit Apf) that is interpreted to be 2,100-km-runout flood lavas sourced from Echus Chasma; and (2) a fracture in Echus Chasma, identified to have sourced at least one late-stage flood, that may have been the origin for the platy-flow material and young north-trending Kasei floods. The presentation will discuss details of the Echus Chasma fracture and putative outflow.

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