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Students are asked to supply the enumerated items below in a single PDF file no longer than 5 pages. The content of the application must be in English.

1. A short description of the work you plan to present. Title and abstract are desirable, but it is recognized that this will be more difficult to provide for meetings later in the calendar year.

2. A letter stating:

(a) Your contact information (email, phone, mailing address).
(b) Your educational institution, the degree you are seeking (must be a Ph.D or equivalent), and the likely date of completion of your degree.
(c) Name and email address of your faculty advisor and additional references.
(d) The name and location of the meeting, its URL (if available) and the name and email of the meeting organizer.
(e) The expected scientific significance of the work you plan to present.
(f) How you expect to benefit by attending this meeting (e.g., planned meetings and interactions with senior international colleagues).

3. A CV for the student listing educational background, degree status, significant awards or accomplishments, and publications to date, if any.

4. A proposed travel budget including transportation, accommodation, any field trips, conference-related courses, and registration fee.

Letters of Recommendation
(outside the 5 page limit of the application)

A letter of recommendation from the graduate student's advisor is requested.  Up to two additional letters of recommendation may also be provided.

Students receiving the Pierazzo International Student Travel Award are requested to submit a meeting report to PSI outlining how their attendance benefited their study within one month of the meeting. This will be used in whole or in part to solicit additional funding to support the Award. In addition, we request a copy of the student’s presentation.

Applications and letters of reference should be emailed directly to pista [at] with the name of the applicant in the subject. The deadline for 2023 awards is 9 PM MST, November 28, 2022. Late applications will not be accepted.

PSI reserves the right not to make an award in the event that sufficiently meritorious applications are not received. Terms and conditions of the award may be changed at any time.

Please contact pista_questions [at]

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