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PSI In The News

SciTech Daily, "Mini Psyches" Give Insights Into Mysterious Metal-Rich Near-Earth Asteroids That Could One Day Be Mined
New Kerala, What are mysterious metal-rich near-earth asteroids
IFL Science, Two Metal-Rich Near-Earth Asteroids Could Be Prime Candidates For Space Mining
Hindustan Times, Study finds Mars' surface got shaped by furious floods from overflowing rivers, Is new finding an asteroid or comet? It's both
Sifi Newsd, What are mysterious metal-rich near-earth asteroids
India Education Diary, Heidelberg University: Bombardment Of Planets In The Early Solar System
Sambad English, Study On Psyche May Help Understand Near-Earth Asteroids
Glamsham, What are mysterious metal-rich near-earth asteroids
Science Daily, 'Mini psyches' give insights into mysterious metal-rich near-Earth asteroids
Newsweek, Valleys on Mars' Barren Surface Carved by Huge Floods Billions of Years Ago
Sci-News, Lake Breach Floods Eroded Surface of Early Mars, Study Says
Hindustan Times, What shaped Mars? Violent forces wreaked havoc on the Red Planet
ANI News, Mars' surface shaped by fast, furious floods from overflowing craters
The Goa Spotlight, Scientists have figured out how river valleys formed on Mars
UT News, Mars' Surface Shaped by Fast and Furious Floods from Overflowing Craters
The Evening Standard (UK), Mars surface shaped by furious floods from overflowing craters, study says
SpaceRef, Mars Surface Shaped By Fast And Furious Floods From Overflowing Craters
CNET, Catastrophic floods on Mars carved some of the planet's deepest valleys
The Daily Mail (UK), NASA's InSight lander measures one of the biggest and longest marsquakes yet – with tremors on the Red Planet lasting nearly 1.5 hours
Scroll (India)), Warming in the Himalayas is pushing the Indian Subcontinent towards water insecurity
Daily Mail, Researchers find 3,600-year-old evidence that ancient city of Tall el-Hammam was destroyed by 'cosmic airburst,' which may have inspired Bible story of desturction of Sodom
The Clarie People, Scientist who "downgraded" Pluto wants to put another world in the planet category
The Science Times, 'The Man Who Killed Pluto:' Mike Brown Believes New Planet More Worthy than Former Ninth Planet
The Daily Beast, Why the Universe is Annoyed by the Astronomer Pushing a Ninth Planet
SpaceRef, All is Quiet Among Newly Studied Centaurs, Ancient Mars was rocked by violent, climate-changing volcanic eruptions
Screen Rant, Thousands of Volcanic Super Eruptions Rocked Ancient Mars
Covalence magazine, Your God Is To Small: Vatican Observatory Director offers a cosmic point of view in upcoming webinar
WIRED, The Dark Asteroid Ryugu Finally Comes Into the Light
News Net Nebraska, A discussion about the presence of dust on the asteroid Ryugu
SpaceRef, Ryugy in Opposition to Hayabusa2: A Starkly Lit Distribution of Dust and Rock
Fox 23 News (Maine), Largest Mars rock on Earth on display at Maine museum, Scientists cite destructive dangers of climate change, land use in mountain ranges
WFMZ-TV News, Largest Piece Of Mars On Earth now On Display at The Maine Mineral & Gem Museum

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