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PSI In The News

FR Postsus, La startup minière d’astéroïdes AstroForge testera sa technologie de raffinage de métaux dans l’espace cette année
BBC, Joshimath: What’s the future of India's sinking Himalayan town?
Inferse, Megatsunami swept over Mars after massive asteroid hit the Red Planet
FR Postsus (France), Comète rare : tout ce que vous devez savoir sur le vagabond cosmique vert C/2022 E3
Gulf News, Rare comet: All you need to know about the green cosmic wanderer visible from the UAE
Science Media Centre, Expert reaction to study of recent temperatures on the Greenland Ice Sheet
Nairaland Forum, NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test Is A Smashing Success
Nach Welt, Der Double Asteroid Redirection Test der NASA ist ein überwältigender Erfolg
News Explorer, I vulcani di questo satellite preoccupano gli scienziati
Esquire (Italy), Aiuto, i vulcani di questo satellite ci fanno tanta paura
USA Today, Fact check: False claim moon visible during daytime is proof of flat Earth
Lab Roots, "Bright Spots" of Ceres | Solar System Wonders
Eos, NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test Is a Smashing Success
The Enlightened Mindset, Why Do We Travel to Mars? Exploring the Benefits of Extraterrestrial Exploration
Inferse, NASA's Juno Shares First Image From Flyby of Jupiter's Moon Europa – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Palabras Claras, Descbren un enorme estallido volcanico en una de las lunas de Jupiter
La Opinion , Detectan estallido volcánico masivo en la luna “infernal” de Júpiter
Terra, Lua joviana Io apresenta uma das maiores erupções já observadas
The Birmingham Daily Journal, Rare Comet Will Pass Earth For First Time In 50,000 Years: How To Watch And What It Means For The Past
In (Hungary), Hatalmas vulkánkitörést észleltek a Jupiter mellett keringő pokoli Io holdon
Nach Welt, Massiver Vulkanausbruch auf Jupiters Höllenmond Io entdeckt
Forbes, Rare Comet Will Pass Earth For First Time In 50,000 Years: How To Watch And What It Means For The Past
Forskning (Norway), Vulkanene på Jupiters måne Io kan ha utbrudd som varer i månedsvis
The Courier, How To Watch And What It Means For The Past
FR Postsus, Comment regarder et ce que cela signifie pour le passé
Science Alert, Massive Volcanic Outburst Detected on Jupiter's Hellish Moon Io
Quick Telecast, Massive Volcanic Outburst Detected on Jupiters Hellish Moon Io
NotiUlti, Los volcanes en la luna Io de Júpiter pueden tener erupciones que duran meses
Labroots, A Large Volcanic Outburst on Io
In Het Nieuws, Zeer heftige, maandenlang aanhoudende vulkaanuitbarsting waargenomen op Jupiter’s maan Io
Forskning (Norway), Dette har forskerne lært av Mars-sonden som nå er tom for strøm
Fzone, Na Jupiterově měsíci Io zaznamenali doposud největší sopečný výbuch
Archyde, Record-Breaking Massive Volcanic Eruption
Pakistan Christian TV, A massive volcanic eruption that extended for months on Jupiter’s moon Io (video)
Mind Matters News, The Search For Extraterrestrial Life 17

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