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PSI In The News

Science Alert, Giant Asteroid Unleashed a Devastating Martian Megatsunami, Evidence Suggests
Yahoo News, Mars was hit by its own ‘dinosaur killer’ asteroid that covered planet in a mega-tsunami, research suggests
New Scientist, Ancient megatsunami on Mars traced to the crater where it began
Sky News, Asteroid strike triggered 250-metre mega-tsunami on Mars, scientists believe
VICE, Mars Had an Ancient Asteroid Impact Like the One That Killed the Dinosaurs, Scientists Discover
Daily Mail, Mars MEGATSUNAMI 3.4 billion years ago may have been caused by an asteroid collision similar to the Chicxulub impact that wiped out the dinosaurs, study claims
Space Daily, The PI's Perspective: Extended Mission 2 Begins!
Extreme Tech, 3D Radiogram of Mars’ North Pole Uncovers a ‘Hidden Canyon’
Techfragments, Mars Planum Boreum 3D Radar Image From Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
HD Blog (Italy), Mars, the subsoil of the North Pole as never seen before | Image
CNET, New 3D Map of Mars' North Pole Reveals Buried Canyon, 3D radargram brings new focus to Mars' north polar cap
My Modern Met, 14 Famous Astronomers That Any Lover of the Cosmos Needs To Know
The Saxon, Real hell. Something unusual lurks under the surface of one of Jupiter's moons
Electric City Magazine, Jupiter’s moon Io may have an infernal magma ocean beneath its surface
The Daily Beast, Something Hellish Might Lurk Under One of Jupiter’s Moons
Dallas Morning News, D-FW companies contributed to NASA’s Artemis program, planned return to the moon
Interesting Engineering, Titan: All the coolest facts about Saturn's largest moon
SpaceWatch Global, Canadensys Aerospace Awarded CSA Lunar Rover Contract
New York Times, NASA Is Returning to the Moon This Week. Why Do We Feel Conflicted?
Western News, Western planetary geologist to lead science for Canada’s lunar rover
MSN, 10 Earth impact craters you must see
Impakter, Are We Alone? NASA Begins New UFO Research
Mirage News, Scientist unveils further proof of salty water on Mars
Travel+Leisure, The Last Total Lunar Eclipse Until 2025 Is Coming — Along With Manhattanhenge and 2 Meteor Showers This Month
MeriTalk, NASA Chooses Personnel for Independent UFO Study
Inferse, Why Did Mars Dry Out? Mystery Deepens As New Study Points to Unusual Answers
Universe Today, NASA Announces the Team who'll be Studying UFO Data. It's a Pretty Impressive List
The Debrief, NASA UAP Study Update: Team Members Assemble as Study Officially Goes Underway
Inferse, Love spectacular photos of Jupiter? Become a Jovian Vortex Hunter!
Gearrice, NASA will study the UFO phenomena and publish its conclusions in a few months
BroBible, NASA Announces Formation Of Team Of Scientists To Study UFOs, Internet Responds With Jokes
Hypertext, NASA selects 16 experts who will use data to explain UAP events
Desert News, NASA launches team to study UFOs
Aerotech News, NASA to study Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, announces study team members

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