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PSI In The News

Tech Explorist, Scientists confirmed the existence of lunar carbon dioxide cold traps
IFL Science, Carbon Dioxide Cold Traps Confirmed On Surface Of Moon
Sky & Telescope, Has a Stray Piece of the Moon Become a Quasi-Satellite of Earth?, Carbon dioxide cold traps found on the Moon
Salon, The Moon has carbon dioxide "traps" that astronauts could use to make fuel and grow plants
Today UK News, Carbon dioxide cold traps are confirmed on the Moon for the first time
The Daily Mail (UK), Carbon dioxide cold traps are confirmed on the MOON for the first time: Pockets of the frozen gas found in the southern poles could fuel future lunar missions
In Entertainment, Carbon dioxide cold traps are confirmed on the Moon for the first time
Birmingham Times, N-Ice-A We Have A Breakthrough: How Frozen CO2 Could Help Create Moon Colonies
Futurity, Near-Earth Asteroid Might Be A Little Piece Of The Moon, Carbon dioxide cold traps on the Moon are confirmed for the first time
New Atlas, Cold traps that could contain solid CO2 confirmed on the Moon
Science X, Carbon dioxide cold traps offer potential lunar resource
Science Museum Group, CPO26 Verdict: Some Progress, But Not Enough
Environment 360, Glasgow Disappointed, But It Inched the World Forward on Climate
Pro Gamer, Astronomers use new technique to find planet orbiting two stars
Screen Rant, Astronomers Just Found A Jupiter-Like Planet Orbiting Two Stars At Once
Steam Daily, Scientists find planet orbiting two stars using new method
Digital Trends, Astronomers use new method to discover planet orbiting two stars
Insider Advantage Georgia, NASA Develops a New Technique for Detecting Planets That Circulate Around Two Distinct Stars
Science Media Centre, Expert reaction to final COP26 agreement
Slash Gear, Near-Earth asteroid Kamo`oalewa might be an ancient fragment of the Moon
Free Press Journal, Near-earth asteroid called Kamo'oalewa might be lost fragment of moon, suggests new study
Behind the Black, Scientists: Asteroid in an orbit entwined with the Earth might be Moon rock
Space Daily, Circumbinary planet discovered by TESS validates new detection technique
NDTV Gadgets 360, NASA Uses New Technique to Find a Planet Which Orbits Around Two Different Stars
SciTech Daily, Near-Earth Asteroid Kamo’oalewa Might Be a Lost Fragment of the Moon
SpaceRef, Circumbinary Planet Discovered by TESS Validates New Detection Technique
SpaceRef, Lunar-Like Material Found on the Earth Quasi-Satellite (469219) Kamo`oalewa
The Independent, NASA finds new planet in orbit around two different stars, New method to detect Tatooine-like planets validated
Atlas Obscura, Massive Dust Devils Leave Their Mark Across Eerie Dunes
Down East Magazine, Maine News You May Have Missed
Eurasia Review, Probing Into Life On Mars: Implication From Analog Sites In Qaidam Basin, Northwestern China
KXAN-TV Your Basin, Flooding on Mars could help us find alien life, UT researchers say

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