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PSI In The News

Inverse, Once a year, we get closer to NASA's Voyagers – here's why
Universe Today, Mars' Carbon Dioxide Glaciers are on the Move
Inferse, Catastrophic floods on Mars carved some of the planet's deepest valleys
Bollyinside, Carbon dioxide ice deposits on Mars flow like glaciers
SYFY, It's About Time We4 Plan a Mission to Uranus – And Seek Out Aliens on Enceladus
SIV Telegram Media, Study reveals the flow of glaciers at the south pole of Mars, Martian Deposits of Carbon Dioxide Ice Flow as Glaciers: Study
SciTech Daily, Citizen Scientists Help Map Ridge Networks on Mars That May Hold Records of Ancient Groundwater, These dry ice glaciers on Mars are moving at its south pole
SpaceRef, Enigmatic Rock Layer in Mars' Gale Crater Awaits Measurements by the Curiosity Rover, Enigmatic rock layer in Mars' Gale crater awaits measurements by the Curiosity rover
Inferse, Mars megaripples as tall as people show planet reshaping its landscape – CNET
SpaceRef, NASA give boost to Boston University-led effort to model solar system's protective bubble
Inferse, Moon water discovered for the first time from the lunar surface, Yingst to Head Mars Curiosity Rover MAHLI Instrument Team
Pakistan Christian TV, Discover traces of ice movement in the south pole of Mars
SpaceRef, Carbon Dioxide Glaciers Are Moving At Mars' South Pole
Geeks ULTD, The chances of finding life on Europa, Jupiter's icy moon, just became a whole lot better
Wired, NASA's Psyche Spacecraft Heads to Cape Canaveral, Carbon dioxide glaciers are moving at Mars' South Pole
Bollyinside, Tucson-based scientists are taking a second look at moon rocks
Arizona Public Media NPR, Tucson-based scientists giving moon rocks a second look, Planetary Decadal Survey says it's time for a mission to Uranus (and Enceladus too)
Astrobites, Earth Week x Astrobites 2022: “Astro/Physicists in Climate Work: Transferring Astro-skills to Climate Advocacy” Recap
Salon, The probability of life on Jupiter's moon Europa just got a lot higher
AlterNet, Scientists believe that the 'basic ingredients' to support life 'could exist' on Jupiter's icy moon Europa
Osoyoos Today, The possibility of life on Jupiter's moon Europa has increased a lot
Arizona Daily Star, Magnifying glass on Mars in hands of researcher from Tucson Institute
Universe Today, Planetary Decadal Survey Says it's Time for a Mission to Uranus (and Enceladus too!)
Bollyinside, On Mars, a Tucson Institute researchers holds a magnifying glass
Bollyinside, R. Aileen Yingst of PSI has been appointed to lead the MAHLI instrument on the Curiosity Mars rover
Wired , Scientists Want to Probe Uranus With a New Spacecraft
SpaceRef, PSI's R. Aileen Yingst Named to Head MAHLI Instrument on Mars Curiosity Rover
The Fiji Times, Astronomy enthusiasts talk stargazing; view planets and stars, New wave of mission to reignite Venus exploration

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