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PSI In The News

Arizona Daily Star, Business Awards Earned in Southern Arizona
Spaceflight Insider, Martian Crater Provides Reminder of Apollo 16 Mission
Earth & Space Science News, Honoring Earth and Space Scientists
Collect Space, An 'Opportunity' For Reflection: Mars Crater Offers Reminder of Apollo Moonwalk
Clarksville Online, NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity Passes Crater That's Reminder of Apollo 16 Mission
Asia Cruise News, Martian Crater Provides Reminder of Apollo Moonwalk
Geek Wire, Opportunity Rover's Roll on Mars Eerily Echoes Apollo 16's Stroll on the Moon
SpaceRef, Martian Crater Brings Back Memories of Apollo 16 Lunar Mission
United Press International, NASA Scientists Name Martian Crater After Apollo 16 Moonwalk Mission
The Indian Panorama, NASA Orbiter Discovers Frost on Moon
Physics World, Flash Physics: Supernova Kicks Black-Hole Spin, Neutron-Star Probe Launches, Award-Winning Planetary Scientists
Arizona Public Media NPR, Planetary Scientist Honored for Global Outreach
Big Island Now, Scientists Discover Signs of Frost on the Moon
Zee News India, NASA's Orbiter Discovers Signs of Frozen Water on Moon's South Pole
DoonWire, NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) Helps Scientists Find Evidence of Frost on Earth's Moon
SpaceRef, AAS Division for Planetary Sciences Announces 2017 Prize Winners
Gizmodo, The Moon's South Pole May Be Icier Than We Realized
India Today, NASA's Orbiter Discovers Frost on Moon's South Pole
The Verge, An Ancient Martian Lake Could Have Been Teeming With Lots of Kinds of Life
University of Hawa'i News, New Evidence of Frost on Moon's Surface
The Register, Spacecraft Spots Possible Signs of Frozen Water on the Moon
International Business Times, NASA's Moon Orbiter Finds Fresh Evidence of Frost on Lunar Surface
Daily News & Analysis, Frost Discovered on the Moon by NASA's Lunar Orbiter
News Nation, Water Found on Moon? NASA's Orbiter Discovers Patchy and Thin Icy Deposits or Frost on Lunar Surface
International Business Times, Is the Moon Habitable? NASA's LRO Discovers Water Ice on the Lunar Surface's South Pole
Science Daily, Frost on Moon's Surface: New Evidence
Universe Today, Best Jupiter Images From Juno ... So Far
PPP Focus, Cyclones Churn Over Jupiter's Poles
Astronomy Now, Jupiter Surprises in First Trove of Data from NASA's Juno Mission
Arizona Public Media NPR, Tucson Camera on Jupiter Mission Reveals Cyclones
Arizona Daily Star, New Jupiter Findings, Including Massive Polar Cyclones, Surprise Scientists
National Geographic Australia, Surreal Pictures Show Jupiter is Even Weirder Than We Thought
Space Policy Online, A Whole New Way of Looking at Jupiter
Arizona Public Media NPR, 'Mars is Beautiful,' UA Scientists Enthuse Over Book of HIRISE Images, 'They Promised Her the Moon' Opens Tonight in NewYork City

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