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PSI In The News

Eos, Geologic Map of Europa Highlights Targets for Future Exploration
Phys.Org, Number of Undiscovered Near-Earth Asteroids Revised Downward
New Scientist, A Gaggle of 7 Moons Keep Saturn's Rings From Breaking Apart
NPR, Confession of a Planetary Scientist: 'I Do Not Want to Live On Mars'
Diena, Ievest Baltiju kosmosā
Cosmos, "Astounding": The Moon Once Had An Atmosphere
Daily Galaxy, NASA News: Mars Ancient Oceans Yeild Clues to Possible Cradle of Life -- "Undersea Hydrothermal Conditions May Have Existed 3.7 Billion Years Ago"
Business Insider, Public Invited to Astronomy Talks & "Star Party" at Brigham Young University
Eos, Ten New Frontiers in the Solar System and Beyond
EarthSky, Help Identify Earth Features in Astronaut Photos
Phys.Org, Mars Study Yields Clues to Possible Cradle of Life
Cosmos, Water Found Near Martian Equator
SpaceRef, The Moon Once Had an Atmosphere
Astrobiology Magazine, A Fresh Look at Older Data Yields a Surprise Near the Martian Equator
Astronomy Magazine, Citizen Scientists Invited to Help Label ISS Images
Express, Harvest Mon 2017: When Will You Be Able To See It?
SpaceRef, Public Invited to Analyze Photos Taken by International Space Station Astronauts
Daily Mail, Mystery at the Martian Equator as NASA Reveals Surprise Signs of 'Significant' Amount of Ice
Phys.Org, A Fresh Look at Older Data Yields a Surprise Near the Martian Equator
Futurism, Geoengineering May Be Our Only Hope For Surviving Climate Change, Radar Survey Offers New Insights Into Martian Climate Change
Spaceflight Now, Scientists Celebrate 10th Anniversary of Dawn Mission's Launch
United Press International, Radar Survey Offers New Insights Into Martian Climate Change
The Buckmaster Show, Mark Sykes Discusses Cassini Discoveries, Funding For Future Missions
New Scientist, OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Zooms By Earth On Its Way To An Asteroid
Sky at Night Magazine, European Planetary Science Congress 2017
Science Daily, Solar Eruption 'Photobombed" Mars Encounter With Comet Siding Spring
Boulder Weekly, Diving Into Saturn
Science Daily, What Do We Need To Know To Mine An Asteroid?
Correio Braziliense, Sonda Cassini encerra histórica missão de 20 anos em Saturno, Cassini er død: Sådan gik de sidste timer
Futurism, It's Official: Cassini Just Completed Its Death Dive Into Saturn
Wales Online, These Amazing Pictures Show What the Probe Cassini Found on Its 20 Year Voyage Around Saturn
International Business Times, NASA's Cassini Plunges Into Saturn, Ending Its Extraordinary Mission After 20 Years in Space
Arizona Daily Star, University of Arizona, Tucson Scientists Played Major Role in Cassini Mission

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