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PSI In The News

Science, NASA to pay private space companies for moon rides
The Glamorgan GEM, Cosmology Corner: Cassini probe explores dirty rings, clean rings, and Dione
The Glamorgan GEM, Cosmology Corner: Cassini probe explores dirty rings, clean rings, and Dione
Utah Review, The peculiar, poetic magic of The Distance of The Moon to premiere in Sackerson holiday production
Popular Science, The origins of Earth’s water are a big mystery—but we may have one more piece of the puzzle
Popular Science, Why are planets all the same shape?
Scientific American, Will NASA’s Next Mission to Venus Be a Balloon?
Health Thoroughfare, The Discovery of Water on Planet Mars
Arizona Daily Star, NASA's Dawn spacecraft runs out of fuel, but Tucson scientists say discoveries will go on
EarthSky, Bold new plan announced to explore alien ocean worlds
The Hilltop Monitor, NASA eager to hear from Mars rover as dust storm clears
EarthSky, What made these weird straight lines on Dione?
Centauri Dreams, The Stripes of Dione
Fine Books & Collections, Bright Young Collectors: Margaret Landis
Sky&Telescope, Saturn's Moon Dionne Has Some Weird Stripes
EarthSky, Why don't Europa's plumes have heat signatures?
Newshub, Mars gets its own long white cloud
Health Thoroughfare, Scientists Discovered that one of the Largest Volcanoes from Mars did not erupt, but it’s Surrounded by Icy Vapors
Great Lakes Ledger, Weird White Cloud Over Mars’ Big Volcano Is Not a Result of an Eruption
SpaceRef, Rotationally-Resolved Spectroscopic Characterization of near-Earth object (3200) Phaethon
Massive Cloud Forming Over One of Mars' Biggest Volcanoes Is Icy Water Vapor, Not Eruption
Inquisitr, A New Study Has Determined How The Strange Stripes Spotted On Saturn’s Moon Dione May Have Gotten There
The Daily Galaxy, “The Arsia Mons Phenomena” –A Thousand-Mile-Long Cloud, Not a 50-Million-Year Old Giant Volcano Erupting on Mars
The News Recorder, NASA’s Cassini reveals weird stripes on Saturn’s moon Dione
Space Daily, Hayabusa2 team prepares for asteroid sample collection b
Spaceflight Insider, New Study Rejects IAU Rationale For Demoting Pluto
WFTV Orlando, Should Pluto be a planet again? UCF scientist makes his case, Landslides, avalanches may be key to long-term comet activity
Fox News, Pluto should be a planet again, researchers argue
The Buckmaster Show, Mark Sykes Discusses Mars Exploration, Jupiter Polar Cyclones
Arizona Daily Star, 7 Ways to Tackle the Tucson Festival of Books
UChicago News, First Look at Jupiter's Poles Show Strange Geometric Arrays of Storms
Nature, US Scientists Plot Return to the Moon's Surface
SpaceRef, Opportunity Rover Hits 5,000 Sols On Mars – And Takes A Selfie

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