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Planetary Data System Team Meets At PSI

pds meeting 2022

Credit: Alan Fischer/PSI

The Planetary Science Institute recently hosted a meeting of the Planetary Data System (PDS), which is a federation of nine teams, or nodes, geographically distributed around the United States. The PDS is a long-term archive of digital data products returned from NASA's planetary missions, and from other kinds of flight and ground-based data acquisitions, including laboratory experiments. But it is more than just a facility – the archive is actively managed by planetary scientists to help ensure its usefulness and usability by the worldwide planetary science community, now and the decades into the future. 

Over the past decade, PDS developed and implemented a governing systems architecture Information Model (IM), PDS4, which has become the international standard for planetary science archives. The Discipline Model Standardization Project (DMSP) is a multi-month project which began with a face-to-face meeting hosted at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson. The project has been undertaken to address the lack of control and consistency existing in the initial development of namespaces extending the core PDS4 Information Model. While some degree of freedom was essential to support the rapid development of the key discipline extensions, as the IM matured the goal of fully integrating discipline namespaces with the core IM build and release became increasingly desirable. The DMSP effort will complete the standardization process for the discipline namespaces so that the PDS4 IM and its primary extensions will present a single, coherent model to data developers and end-users, as well as providing examples of best practices for developing local namespaces for missions, R&A projects, ground-based campaigns, and other developers of archival data products.

May 15, 2022
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