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PSI Meteorite Kit Training Offered

larry meteorite kit training

Above, Larry Lebofsky, with a meteorite sample in hand, explains to remote viewers how the meteorite kits can be used in educational and public outreach settings. 

A workshop to train scientists and educators to use PSI’s meteorite kits was presented by Senior Education and Communication Specialist Larry Lebofsky and Education and Communication Specialist and Research Scientist Sanlyn Buxner. The kits, which each contain a number of specimens, can be used locally or shipped to remote PSI staffers.

Lebofsky, presenting to a remote audience, pointed out the contents of the regular meteorite kits, as well as the small ones containing smaller samples. Five of the small kits fit into one shipping case. PSI has three of the large kits and four of the small ones. 

The kits are used differently depending on the audience, Buxner and Lebofsky said. 


Below, Lebofsky shows the smaller kits, five of which fit in one shipping case.

larry meteorite kit training

May 19, 2019
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