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PSI Scientists Gather for Dinner at LPSC Meeting In Texas

lpsc dinner 23

Dinner attendees included, from left front, Mark Fries (alum), Gretchen Benedix, Libby Bland (Guest), Catherine Johnson, Debarati Das (Guest), Nina Lanza (alum), Bea Baharier (2023 Pierazzo International Student Travel Award winner), Linda Welzenbach (alum). Credit: Mark Sykes. 


PSI Scientists, alumni and guests met for dinner during the 54th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference held in The Woodlands, Texas.

lpsc dinner 23

Dinner attendees included, from left front, Candy Hansen, Than Putzig, Sam Courville, Megan Russell, Bryce Troncone, Georgia Peterson (Guest), Matt Chojnacki, Alex Morgan. Credit: Mark Sykes.

 lpsc dinner 23

Dinner attendees included, from left, Luke Sollitt (alum), Deborah Domingue, Liz Jensen, Karen Stockstill-Cahill (alum), Josh Cahill (guest), Catherine Neish, Nick Castle. Credit: Mark Sykes.

April 16, 2023
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