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Female Superheroes Spread The Word About Science

George as Female Superhero of Science 

The Lunatic Phenomenon – PSI’s Georgiana Kramer – poses with students from Hogg Middle School in Houston Texas. 

The Lunatic Phenomenon, also known as PSI Senior Scientist Georgiana Kramer, and other members of The Female Superheroes of Science, offered girls an opportunity to see the power of science and walk away inspired by what’s possible and with a new belief in their personal power. 

The We Are Girls Conference, produced by Girls Empowerment Network, was held April 27 at Hogg Middle School in Houston, Texas. About 1,600 girls, ranging from Third Grade to Eighth Grade, participated. Activities included architecture, breakout sessions, African tribal dancing, and many others. 

The Female Superheroes of Science visit schools to inspire the next generation with the power of science. Their presentation at Hogg Middle School covered the Moon, Mars, other planets, and humans in space. 

“We encourage them to find the thing that excites them. It can be anything. Science is in everything,” Kramer said. “There is certainly a need for more women and racial minorities in science. Diversity breeds new ways of thinking, and that is how science works and how the human race advances.”

group shot Female Superheroes of Science

The Female Superheroes of Science – from left, Pyrolizer (Joanna Hogancamp, Johnson Space Center), Tephra (Kayla Iacovino, Johnson Space Center), Volta (Jancy McPhee, SciArt Exchange), and The Lunatic Phenomenon (Georgiana Kramer, PSI) – participated in the We Are Girls Conference.

May 26, 2019
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