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The Buckmaster Radio Show - PSI Interviews


KVOI AM 1030 
Live Noon-1 PM  MDT  Monday-Friday 

(Forward to the last ~15 minutes of each show to hear the PSI segment)

 July 3 2019 NEOCAM Mission 
May 29 2019 The Upcoming APOLLO Anniversary
Apr 25 2019 Back to the Moon in 5 Years? 
Mar 25 2019 Plume on Bennu
Feb 12 2019 North Pole is On the Move
Jan 14 2019 Impact of China's Moon Landing on the US Space Program 
Dec 17 2018 Wind Recording on Mars and Comet 46P
Nov 19 2018 Humans to Mars in 25 years?
Oct 8 2018 The DAWN Mission - Vesta & Ceres Observations
Sept 18 2018 Tourist Trips to Space 
Aug 13 2018 NASA Solar Probe Launched
July 11 2018 Hayabusa2 Will Grab a Rock from Asteroid Ryugu
Jun 11 2018 Whatever Happened to the Moon Colony?
Apr 9 2018 Mars InSight Mission
Mar 12 2018 Elon Musk & Mars
Feb 8 2018 Humans Living on Mars
Jan 3 2018 Seismic Studies of Mars - Earthquakes? 
To Come
To Come 
Apr 20 2015 Mark Sykes, "Hunting for the Great White Spot" on Ceres
Feb 23 2015 Mark Sykes Discusses Dawn's Approach to Ceres
Jan 12 2015 Mark Sykes Discusses Rosetta Mission, Long-term Strategies for Space Exploration
Dec 15 2014 Mark Sykes Discusses Orion Mission, Comet Organics
Nov 24 2014 Mark Sykes discusses Landing on Comets, DPS Conference
Nov 05 2014 Dr. William Hartmann, author of Searching for Golden Enpires: Epic Cultural Collisions in Sixteenth-Century America
Oct 27 2014 Mark Sykes Discusses Comets, Privatization of Space Travel
Sept 15 2014 Mark Sykes Discusses Comets, Curiosity Rover
Aug 12 2014 Mark Sykes Discusses NASA's Rosetta Mission
July 02 2014 Mark Sykes Discusses NASA's Cassini Probe at Saturn
Jun 04 2014 Mark Sykes Discusses Mars Exploration Opportunities
May 12 2014 Mark Sykes Discusses Hazards of Space Junk, New Horizons Mission to Pluto
Apr 14 2014 Mark Sykes Discusses Lunar Eclipse and the Future of Manned Space Exploration
Mar 10 2014 Mark Sykes Discusses Newly Discovered Planets
Feb 10 2014 Mark Sykes Discusses New Solar Discovery, Mars Curiosity Rover
Jan 13 2014 Mark Sykes Discusses NASA's Research Program Reorganization, Chinese Moon Mission
Dec 09 2013 Mark Sykes Discusses Comet ISON, China's Lunar Rover
Nov 14 2013 Mark Sykes Discusses Comet ISON
Oct 21 2013 Mark Sykes Discusses the Federal Shutdown, Maven, Juno, Mars and Comet ISON
Sept 23 2013 Mark Sykes Discusses the Deep Impact Mission, Lack of Methane on Mars
Sept 04 2013 William Hartmann Discusses the Formation of Our Moon, Space Tourism and Mars Climate Change
Aug 19 2013 Mark Sykes Discusses Curiosity, Opportunity, Cassini and the PSI Retreat
July 17 2013 Mark Sykes Discusses the Proposed Asteroid Retrieval Mission and Future Space Exploration Opportunities
Jun 06 2013 Mark Sykes Discusses the Challenges of a Trip to Mars
May 02 2013 Mark Sykes discusses Mars, Saturn and the PSI Annual Fundraising Dinner
Apr 03 2013 Mark Sykes discusses Mercury, Mars, sequestration and future space missions
Mar 05 2013 Mark Sykes Discusses Asteroids and PSI's New Conference Center
Feb 06 2013 Mark Sykes discusses big asteroid will give us close call
Jan 10 2013 Mark Sykes discusses Earth-like Planets and China's Space Exploration Efforts
Dec 11 2012 Mark Sykes discusses MESSENGER discoveries on Mercury
Nov 06 2012 Mark Sykes discusses the Effect of Elections on Space 
Exploration, Mars Discoveries
Oct 18 2012 Mark Sykes discusses Tracking Meteorite Falls Using Doppler Weather Data
Sep 05 2012 Sykes discusses America’s space program at a crossroads.
Jul 30 2012 Mark Sykes discusses MSL Mission, Pluto
Jun 25 2012 Mark Sykes discusses Water Ice on the Moon, Mars
May 29 2012 Mark Sykes discusses the upcoming Transit of Venus and
Private Enterprise in Space
Apr 23 2012 Mark Sykes discusses Private Space Exploration
Mar 29 2012 Mark Sykes discusses Arizona’s electronic billboard veto and PSI’s 40th anniversary.
Feb 20 2012 Mark Sykes discusses the potential impact of proposed NASA budget cuts.
Jan 23 2012 Mark Sykes discusses the current boom in new planet discoveries.
Dec 29 2011 Mark Sykes discusses Vesta, PSI’s 40th anniversary events in 2012.
Nov 25 2011 Mark Sykes discusses the future of space travel.
Oct 17 2011 Mark Sykes discusses ancient fossil life, Mars exploration and budget pressure on space exploration.
Sep 28 2011 Mark Sykes discusses space exploration.
Aug 15 2011 Mark Sykes discusses preparing to go into space with Atsa and the discovery of evidence of seasonal liquid water on Mars.
Jun 27 2011 Mark Sykes discusses NEOs, Dawn mission.
Apr 27 2011 Mark Sykes discusses NASA’s shuttle program, the future of space exploration.
Mar 1 2011 Mark Sykes discusses Mars.
Jan 17 2011 PSI’s Melissa Lane Discusses the Hunt for Meteors in Antarctica.
Jan 11 2011 PSI’s Bill Hartmann and Mark Sykes appear.

Bill & Don interview

Bill Buckmaster interviews PSI founders Bill Hartmann and Don Davis at a celebration of PSI’s 40th anniversary.

buckmaster show

Mark Sykes is a regular contributor on Space
for the Buckmaster Show, appearing

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