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Italian School Dedicated to PSI Researcher Betty Pierazzo

A school in Noale Italy was dedicated in honor of Planetary Science Institute Senior Scientist Elisabetta "Betty" Pierazzo who died in 2011.
The opening ceremony held in the auditorium at the Piazza Castello in Noale was packed and was attended by Betty’s husband Keith Powell, her mother Maria, brother Flavio, and nephew Marco Pierazzo. Local officials were present, including school principal Francesca Bonazza, Mayor Patrizia Andreotti, other Noale municipal officials and Don Matias Franceschetto of the local parish of Saints Felice and Fortunato. 
“For me, it was amazing to see how many people turned out for the school naming ceremony. It shows just how proud the people of Noale are of Betty’s life and accomplishments,” said Keith Powell.
The school is a public comprehensive school and consists of two parts, an elementary school (scuola primaria) attended by children from age 6-9 and a middle school (scuola media) attended by children from 10-12 years old.
Betty Pierazzo was an expert in the area of impact modeling throughout the solar system, as well as an expert on the astrobiological and environmental effects of impacts on Earth and Mars. In addition to her research, she was passionate about education, teaching and public outreach, developing planetary-related classroom materials, professional development workshops for teachers, and teaching college-level classes herself. Betty believed in the strength of broad collaborations in all of her research and education activities. 
”Betty’s life and death had a major effect on many people in our profession and communities. It is wonderful that her home town is honoring her in this way. Given her commitment to education as well as science, putting her name on a school is deeply meaningful,” said Mark Sykes, PSI CEO and Director.
Top, an overflow crowd gathered for the dedication of a school in Noale, Ital to PSI Senior Scientist Betty Pierazzo, who died in 2011.
Below, Betty’s husband Keith Powell, right, participates in the school dedication ceremony.
Jan. 12, 2015
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