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Dr. Larry A. Lebofsky

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Senior Education and Communication Specialist

Currently resides in AZ
lebofsky [at]
Areas of Expertise
Targets: Asteroids, Ceres, Dwarf planets, Exoplanets, Icy satellites, Meteorites, Moon, Pluto, Small satellites
Disciplines/Techniques: Education/Public Outreach (EPO), Ground-based observing

Research Interests

As a planetary astronomer, Dr. Larry Lebofsky has scientific expertise in a number of areas, in particular, observational studies of terrestrial planets, planetary satellites, and small solar system bodies. In addition, for the last 18 years, he has been heavily involved in all areas of E/PO. He has made hundreds of hands-on presentations to thousands of elementary and middle school students. He has helped design and teach numerous professional development workshops for hundreds of K-12 teachers and Girl Scout leaders and developed hands-on, inquiry-based activities that are being used by thousands of teachers around the United States as well as in other countries and co-write a monthly newsletter that goes to more than a hundred Girl Scout leaders and educators. He has also taught at the undergraduate level and have been involved in the design and teaching of classes for future teachers. In addition to this, he is also Co-editor of Meteorite magazine which gives him direct contact with nearly a thousand professional meteoriticists, meteorite dealers and collectors, as well as others who are just interested in meteorites.

Professional History

Dr. Lebofsky received his PhD in Astronomy in 1974 from the California Institute of Technology, where he studied the chemical composition of Saturn’s rings and icy satellites. Prior to joining PSI in 2008, he was a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Arizona Steward Observatory and Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.

Honors and Awards

Minor Planet 3439 Lebofsky
2000, Sagan Medal of the Division for Planetary Sciences of the AAS

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