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Katlyn Bickford

kbickford's picture

Research Assistant, Junior

Currently resides in MA
kbickford [at]
Areas of Expertise

Research Interests

 I focus on using a benchtop LIBS instrument. I collected spectra under a range of atmosphere types on rock powder targets with known compositions. The spectra that we collect on our high-resolution LIBS instrument will be used to generate multivariate models to predict rock compositions of unknown "test" targets. These models will help determine what factors (instrument settings, atmosphere type, etc.) need to be consistent among training and test datasets in order to generate the most accurate predictions.

Professional History

I am currently in my first year of undergraduate at Mount Holyoke College. I plan to double major in Environmental Studies and Astronomy.

Honors and Awards

To this date, I do not have any honors and awards in my professional career.

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