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Dr. James E. Richardson Jr.

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Senior Scientist

Currently resides in AL
jerichardsonjr [at]
Areas of Expertise
Targets: Asteroids, Comets, Icy satellites, Moon
Disciplines/Techniques: Geomorphology, Impacts, Numerical modeling, Radar
Missions: Deep Impact, EPOXI
Mission Roles: Mission science team
Facilities: Arecibo

Research Interests

I specialize in studying the properties and evolution of the surfaces of small solar system bodies, with a particular interest in impact crater dominated terrains. My work includes the computation of gravitational/rotational asteroid surface conditions, and the analytical and numerical modeling of surface development, regolith growth, and cratering on these objects. This modeling work is compared directly to observations, either returned by spacecraft or gathered by Earth-based radar experiments, including such properties as overall shape, spin, topography, density, indications of regolith and boulders, and cratering records.

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