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Dr. Georgiana Kramer

gkramer's picture

Senior Scientist

Currently resides in Houston, TX
gkramer [at]
Areas of Expertise
Targets: Earth, Meteorites, Moon, Solar particles/Solar wind, Vesta
Disciplines/Techniques: Education/Public Outreach (EPO), Field Work, Gamma-ray spectroscopy, Geology, Geomorphology, Ground-based observing, Impacts, Laboratory Spectroscopy, Mapping, Mass spectrometry, Mineralogy, Neutron spectroscopy, Petrology, Remote sensing, Spectroscopy
Missions: Apollo, Chandrayaan 1 (India), Clementine, Dawn, Kaguya (Japan), LRO, Lunar Prospector
Mission Roles: Calibration/Test planning, Data validation, Mission science team, Science operations
Instruments: Cameras, Imaging spectrometers, Spectrometers

Research Interests

I study the composition, structure, and evolution of the Moon, asteroids, and other planetary bodies. I have a strong background in petrology and geochemistry, rooted in laboratory analysis of terrestrial, lunar, and meteoritic samples, and using these analyses to model their origin and evolution. I am also a spectroscopist and geomorphologist, and for the last 11 years my research has focused on interpretation of data from spacecraft missions. I was a member of the Moon Mineralogy Mapper Science Team, which was the first instrument to unambiguously detect water on the Moon and map its global variations. I also spent a few years on the Dawn and Rosetta Science Teams.

I am particularly passionate about sharing space science with the public. I spend 5-10 hours every month giving presentations and demonstrations in venues such as classrooms, museums, and outreach events. I started the "Female Superheroes of Planetary Science" (also sometimes called "Female Superheroes of Science") – a group of women who each take on a superhero persona that represents her science discipline or research focus. The group has an appeal to people of all ages and genders, and has made appearances at schools, extracurricular events, major science fiction conferences, and at a public event at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

I have mentored individual students and groups of students through research projects, most of which have been presented at major scientific conferences such as the Solar System Exploration and Research Virtual Institute Forum, the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, and the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. Some of these students and their projects have been published in scientific journals, including a high school team from Kickapoo High School in Missouri who are lead authors in an article published in 2014 in the esteemed planetary science journal, Icarus.

Professional History

[10·2018 --] Senior Scientist Planetary Science Institute Tucson, AZ
[6·2017 --] Affiliate Faculty University of Alaska Fairbanks Fairbanks, AK
[1·2017 - 6·2018] Staff Scientist Lunar & Planetary Institute Houston, TX
[9·2012 - 1·2017] Research Scientist Lunar & Planetary Institute Houston, TX
[9·2010 - 9·2012] Postdoctoral Fellow Lunar & Planetary Institute Houston, TX
[2·2007 - 9·2010] Research Associate Bear Fight Center Winthrop, WA

Planetary Exploration Mission Involvement
[2017-present] Bi-sat Observations of the Lunar Atmosphere above Swirls
[2014-2017] SpaceIL
[2007-2011] Chandrayaan-1's Moon Mineralogy Mapper Instrument
[2007-2010] Dawn 
[2007-2010] Rosetta’s VIRTIS Instrument

Field Geology & Mapping
[ongoing] Texas geology and paleontology
[05·2018] Iceland
[04·2015] Crater of the Moon, ID
[10·2012] Sudbury Impact Crater, Sudbury, Ontario 
[05·2011] Barringer Crater and the San Francisco Volcanics, Flagstaff, AZ 
[04·2000] Rainbow Basin and Death Valley, CA
[04·2000] Mauna Loa, HI 
[02·2000] Hanauma Bay, HI


Lead Organizer
[2014-2108] Lunar & Planetary Institute Invited Seminar Series
[2017] AGU’s “Sharing Science” workshop at the Lunar & Planetary Institute
[2013] NASA Lunar Science Institute Virtual Workshop - “Lunar Volatiles”
[2012] Houston “National Planetary Exploration Car Wash and Bake Sale”
[2011-2012] Lunar & Planetary Institute Invited Seminar Series
[2011] NASA Lunar Science Institute Virtual Workshop - “Lunar Swirls”

[2016-2018] LPI Planetary Science News (email newsletter)

Organizing Committee Member
[2018] Lunar Science for Landed Missions
[2018] Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
[2016-2018] LPI Career Development Committee
[2016] NASA Exploration Science Forum
[2016] LPI Career Development Committee
[2013-2016] Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
[2013] LPI Career Development Committee
[2012] Second Conference on the Lunar Highlands Crust
[2011] AGU Special Session Chair - “Basin Volcanism”
[2011] LunarGradCon
[2011] LPI Career Development Committee

Special Action Team Member
[2017] Advances in Science on the Moon

Advisory Board
[2017--] Planetary Scientists Engagement Advisory Committee
[2014--] ExMASS Advisory Board
[2013--] Golden Spike Lunar Science Advisory Board

Peer Review
Review panels: Served on NASA proposal review panels, averaging 1.5 panels/year since 2009. Served as Group Chief on one panel in 2014.
Senior Review panels: 2016 Planetary Mission Senior Review
2015 Planetary Data System Discipline Nodes Cooperative Agreement Notice Senior Review
2010 NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Senior Review
External reviews: External proposal reviewer, averaging 2 proposals/year since 2008.

Research Advisor
[2017] LPI Summer Intern Program Abigail Flom, Samuel Corville
[2016] LPI Summer Intern Program Rushana Karimova
[2015] LPI Summer Intern Program Christian Tai Udovicic
[2013-2014] Lunar and Planetary Institute Katherine Johnson
[2013] LPI Summer Intern Program Laura Corley
[2012] LPI Summer Intern Program Mitali Chandnani, Katelyn Lehman, Jessica Kalynn
[2011] LPI Summer Intern Program Katherine Powell
[2009-2010] Bear Fight Center Internship John Sinclair

High School Research Team Advisor
[01·2008 - 09·2010] Bear Fight Center Intern Program in Planetary Science Okanogan County, WA Independently coordinated and developed a high school student mentoring program for space science research. Mentored one local high school student each year in developing and carrying out a space science research topic.
(10·2016 - 04·2017] Center for Lunar Science and Exploration High School Lunar Research Houston, TX Team from Clear Lake High School, TX
[10·2015 - 04·2016] Center for Lunar Science and Exploration High School Lunar Research Houston, TX Team from Kickapoo High School, MO
[10·2012 - 07·2013] Center for Lunar Science and Exploration High School Lunar Research Houston, TX Team from Kickapoo High School, MO
[10·2011 - 07·2012] Center for Lunar Science and Exploration High School Lunar Research Houston, TX Teams from Kickapoo High School, MO
*Research with Kickapoo published in Icarus (see Kickapoo & Kramer, 2014 in list of publications)
[10·2011 - 07·2012] St. Mary’s High School, OR
[10·2010 - 07·2011] Center for Lunar Science and Exploration High School Lunar Research Houston, TX Team from Kickapoo High School, MO
*Team placed second in the Student Poster Competition (against graduate students) at the 2011 NASA Lunar Science Forum.

Public Engagement (selected examples)
[2003 - present] Guest lectures and presentations on planetary science topics at classrooms and other events to all ages and levels of education across the country. 2-5 events annually including classroom presentations, demonstrations, lab exercises, and seminars.
[2010-2018] (Semi-monthly events in coordination with LPI’s E/PO department) LPI Teacher’s Workshops International Observe the Moon Night Sky Fest Family Space Day
[2017-2018] We Are Girls!
[2013-2018] K. E. Little Elem. Space Day Comicpalooza “The Female Superheroes of Science” “All About the Moon”
[2014-2016] International Observe the Moon Night, “The Female Superheroes of Planetary Science”
[07·25·2015] Space City Con “The Female Superheroes of Planetary Science”
[05·24·2014] Comicpalooza “The Weather on the Moon and the Mystery of the Swirls”
[05·24·2014] Comicpalooza Panel Discussion: “Colonization of Space”
[11·4·2011] Houston Astronomical Society “The Lunar Swirls”
[11·11·2011] Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society “The Lunar Swirls”

Popular Media
[01·2016] AGU Research Spotlight citation: Cook, T. (2016), “Satellites reveal the history of the Moons ‘frigid sea’.” Eos, 97, doi:10.1029/2016EO044013. Published on 25 January 2016
[01·2016] Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute Featured Article “Satellites Reveal History of Lunar Magma Ocean”
[09·2012] New Scientist “Moon’s Magnetic Umbrellas May Shield Future Spaceships”, by Lisa Grossman
[08·2012] Physics “Focus: Magnetic Fields Explain Lunar Surface Features”, by Katie Mack
[08·2012] Science News “Moon patterns explained”, by Meghan Rosen
[08·2012] KIAH NewsFix “Planetary Exploration Car Wash”
[06·2012] Nature “NASA scientists fight budget cuts with cupcakes”, by Amber Dance

Honors and Awards

[2017] San Jacinto College “Outstanding performance and contribution”
[2017] NASA “Excellence in the category of Group/Team”
[2013] Icarus “Excellence in reviewing”

PSI, a Nonprofit Corporation 501(c)(3), and an Equal Opportunity/M/F/Vet/Disabled/Affirmative Action Employer.
Corporate Headquarters: 1700 East Fort Lowell, Suite 106 * Tucson, AZ 85719-2395 * 520-622-6300 * FAX: 520-622-8060
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