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Dr. Fritz Foss

ffoss's picture

Senior Research Associate

Currently resides in CO
ffoss [at]
Areas of Expertise
Targets: Earth, Mars, Moon
Disciplines/Techniques: Numerical modeling, Radar, Remote sensing
Missions: Kaguya (Japan), Mars Express (ESA), MRO
Mission Roles: Mission science team

Research Interests

  • Orbital radar data processing and analysis applied to producing and enhancing 3D images of Mars polar ice caps and mid-latitudes regions of interest.
  • Numerical methods for solviing linear and nonlinear partial differential equations in several application areas including viscoplastic flow, nonlinear eigenvalue problems, wave propagation and optimal control.
  • Seismic data processing and analysis applied to oil and gas exploration.

Professional History

  • Principal Investigator on a current project working with MEX MARSIS data to create 3D images of Mars' polar ice caps.
  • 12+ years as Co-Investigator on various past and current projects working with MRO SHARAD data to create 3D images of Mars' polar ice caps and mid-latitude debris covered glaciers.
  • Co-Investigator on current Planetary Orbital Radar Processing and Simulation System project.
  • Seismic data processing and analysis for several private-sector oil & gas companies.

Honors and Awards

Image from the MRO SHARAD 3D work made the cover of the January 2017 issue of Society of Exploration Geophysicists' The Leading Edge.

January 2017 TLE Cover

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