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Dr. Chuck Wood

cwood's picture

Senior Scientist Emeritus

Currently resides in WV
cwood [at]
Areas of Expertise
Targets: Moon, Titan
Disciplines/Techniques: Education/Public Outreach (EPO), Radar
Missions: Cassini

Research Interests

Dr. Chuck Wood is deeply interested in the Moon, having been involved with its study since the days of Apollo. He also studies Saturn's moon Titan as a member of the Cassini radar team. 

Professional History

Dr. Wood received his PhD in Planetary Geology in 1979 from Brown University. From 1980-1985, he was a Space Scientist at NASA Johnson Space Center in the Planetary Science Branch. Over 1985-1990, he was Chief of the Space Shuttle Earth Observations Office at NASA JSC. Over 1990-2000, he was Chair of the Department of Space Studies at the University of Arizona, where he was Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor and Director of the North Dakota Space Grant and NASA EPSCoR programs. Over 2001-2003, he was Director of Education of the Biosphere 2 under operation by Columbia University. In 2004 he joined PSI as a Senior Scientist and in parallel became the Executive Director of the Center for Educational Technologies at Wheeling University.

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