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Experts on the NEOSSat (Canada) mission

NEOSSat is the technological offspring of the MOST astero-seismology microsatellite, which began its mission in 2003 (launched June 30th and still operating as of this writing).

NEOSSat is a suitcase-sized microsatellite (~0.9 x 0.65 x 0.35 m body with a telescope baffle protruding ~0.5 m; mass ~74 kg) powered by multi-band gap solar panels and stabilised/slewed by a system of miniature reaction wheels. Excess momentum is dumped by magnetorquers pushing against Earth’s magnetic field.

One of the impressive features of the design is the high precision attitude control achieved by MOST, which will be improved upon with NEOSSat; the high precision stability is required because the telescope is most often used by the NESS project as a framing camera – the telescope must point at precisely the same patch of sky for intervals up to 100 seconds long.


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