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Sarah Andre

2011 Research Report


Dr. Sarah André joined PSI in August of 2011.


During her time at PSI, Dr. André has continued to further develop SMTK, a stereo matching tool kit designed specifically for application to planetary science image data.  The software implements automated digital stereo matching, which finds corresponding points in two images; matched points are determined by searching for patterns of pixels from the left-hand image in the right-hand image.  SMTK uses an adaptive least-squares algorithm and a growth algorithm to determine matching points between image pairs.  Matched points are fed into the stereo camera intersection routine to determine heights, which are then plotted and output as an ISIS (Integrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers) cube.


Dr. André continues to work with collaborators at the USGS on importing the software into the newest version of ISIS and on implementing it on several current missions’ image data, including MESSENGER, LRO, and MRO.  Further development of the user interface is also underway, with the goal of making the software more user-friendly for researchers interested in using SMTK.


In addition, Dr. André continued to collaborate with researchers at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum on projects investigating the tectonics of Mercury using MESSENGER image and topography data.  In particular, Dr. André has been examining regional topography to better identify heavily-degraded impact basins and to determine the role these basins have played in the geologic evolution of the Mercury’s surface.

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