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Hansen-Koharcheck Receives NASA Outstanding Public Leadership Medal


Planetary Science Institute Senior Scientist Candice Hansen-Koharcheck received a plaque and Outstanding Public Leadership Medal from NASA for her work developing and operating the JunoCam outreach camera that engages the public in planning images of Jupiter. The NASA Outstanding Public Leadership medal is awarded to non-government employees for notable leadership accomplishments that have significantly influenced the NASA mission. This includes sustained leadership and exceptionally high-impact leadership achievements that demonstrate the individual’s effectiveness in advancing the agency’s goals and image in present and future terms.

"The images are amazing. When we designed the outreach part of the experiment we went all in – no science team waiting in the wings to jump in if the public didn’t. So it is incredibly gratifying to see the public’s enthusiasm and to enjoy the beauty of their contributions," Hansen-Koharcheck said. "The public outreach is the essence of the investigation. I really did not anticipate the art community getting involved, and it is really wonderful to me, a scientist, to enjoy Jupiter through the eyes of an artist." Citizen scientists and artists download raw images and then contribute their own processed versions to the JunoCam online gallery at

October 7, 2018
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