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Frances Butcher Receives 2017 Pierazzo award

Butcher receives pierazzo award
Frances Butcher was presented a 2017 Pierazzo International Travel Award at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in The Woodlands, Texas. 
The Pierazzo International Student Travel Award was established by PSI in memory of Senior Scientist Betty Pierazzo to support and encourage graduate students to build international collaborations and relationships in planetary science. 
Butcher,d of the Open University in the United Kingdom received dthe award for a non-U.S. based graduate student traveling to a planetary meeting in the U.S. Her research title is "Eskers Associated with Extant Glaciers in Mid-Latitude Graben on Mars: Evidence for Geothermal Controls upon Recent Basal Melting of Glaciers on Mars."
Katherine de Kleer of the University of California, Berkeley will receive the award for a US-based graduate student traveling to a planetary meeting outside the U.S. when she attends the joint Japan Geoscience Union – American Geophysical Union meeting in Chiba, Japan May 20-25, 2017.
Above, PSI Director Mark Sykes presents Butcher with a certificate and a check for $2,000. 
April 24, 2017
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