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PSI Hosts TREX Theme 4 Meeting

trex meeting

PSI hosted a meeting of the Toolbox for Research and Exploration (TREX) project, a five-year, $5.5 million program led by PSI’s Amanda Hendrix to advance basic and applied research for lunar and planetary science, and advance human exploration of the Solar System. 

The gathering was the first TREX Theme 4 in-person meeting. Theme 4 is the TREX fieldwork theme; in years three and four of the TREX project, Theme 4 participants plan on going into the field (to sites in Arizona and Washington state). The goals of the work are to take a robotic rover into the field, outfitted with instruments and software to do autonomous sample selection. 

At the meeting scientists discussed the rover itself and its capabilities, the instruments that the rover will carry (including UV, FTIR, gamma/neutron spectrometer, VNIR instruments) and the software that will ingest the instrument data to determine what materials are being observed; hypothesis testing software can then decide whether an observed sample will address a given science question. 

Above, fifth from left, David Wettergreen from Carnegie Mellon, a TREX co-investigator, discusses the rover. Listening are, from left, PSI’s Roger Clark, Shawn Wright, Mikki Osterloo, a TREX co-investigator from LASP/Univ. Colorado, PSI’s Melissa Lane, Darby Dyar, Amanda Hendrix and Eldar Noe Dobrea.

Oct. 16, 2017
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