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Dr. Asmin Pathare

Senior Scientist

Currently resides in Pasadena, CA
pathare [at]
Areas of Expertise
Mars | Numerical modeling, Crater Counting, Neutron detectors

Research Interests

Dr. Asmin Pathare's research has primarily focused upon water ice on Mars. For his doctoral dissertation under David Paige at UCLA, he modeled the morphological evolution of the Martian Polar Layered Deposits (PLD), specifically viscous relaxation of craters within the South PLD and the effects of orbital variations upon the relaxation and sublimation of North PLD troughs and scarps. A strong implication of his research is that the North PLD has recently been glacially active, a supposition that he is testing by adapting a terrestrial glacial flow model to Martian conditions. After the North PLD modeling is complete, he intends to investigate glacial flow in the South PLD as well as the Tharsis montes. He is also working on viscous creep modeling of mid-latitude craters and debris aprons, simulations which he hopes to be able to constrain using subsurface radar data from MARSIS and SHARAD. One of the limitations of applying flow models to Mars is the unknown effects of dust upon water ice, which is of particularly importance in the Martian polar regions since the layering characteristic of the PLD is almost certainly due to a combination of water ice and dust. He is working to make laboratory measurements of the rheological properties of dust-laden water ice undergoing grain size sensitive creep at Martian conditions. In addition to improving our knowledge of the flow laws of dust-ice mixtures, he intends to more firmly establish the minimum water ice content required to enable viscous creep, which is a key constraint for determining the maximum volatile inventory contained within unrelaxed Martian permafrost.

Professional History

Dr. Pathare received his PhD in 2002 in Geophysics and Space Physics from UCLA where he studied the morphological evolution of the Martian polar layered deposits. He did postdoctoral work at PSI and CalTech, before joining the permanent PSI science staff in 2005.

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