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Experts on MESSENGER

To become the first spacecraft to orbit Mercury, MESSENGER followed a path through the inner solar system, including one flyby of Earth, two flybys of Venus, and three flybys of Mercury. This impressive journey yielded the first return of new spacecraft data from Mercury since the Mariner 10 mission more than 30 years ago.

Name Missions & Mission Experience Targets Techniques Major Facilities & Instrument Development

Sarah Andre
MESSENGER Mercury, Moon, Small satellites Remote sensing, Tectonics, Geology

Maria Banks
LRO, MESSENGER, MRO, New Horizons, Phoenix Mars Lander ** Data archive, Data validation, Instrument operations, Mission operations, Mission science team, Science operations Charon, Earth, Europa, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Phobos, Pluto, Venus Climate, Crater Counting, Education/Public Outreach, Field Work, Geology, Geomorphology, Impacts, Mapping, Radar, Remote sensing, Tectonics Cameras

Karen Cahill
Mars Odyssey, MER, MESSENGER, MRO ** Mission science team Asteroids, Earth, Mars, Mercury, Meteorites, Moon Education/Public Outreach, Field Work, Geology, Mapping, Mineralogy, Petrology, Remote sensing, Spectroscopy, Thermal Emission Spectroscopy, Volcanism Imaging spectrometers, Spectrometers

Deborah Domingue Lorin
MER, MESSENGER Asteroids, Icy satellites, Mercury, Moon Photometry, Spectroscopy Cameras, Spectrometers

William Feldman
ACE, Dawn, Giotto (ESA), Lunar Prospector, Mariner 10, Mars Observer, Mars Odyssey, MESSENGER, Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, Ulysses ** Calibration/Test planning, Data validation, Instrument operations, Instrument PI, Mission Co-Investigator, Mission science team, Requirements generation and flow down Ceres, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Solar particles/Solar wind, Vesta Space-based observing, Spectroscopy, Remote sensing, Education/Public Outreach, Neutron detectors

Robert Gaskell
Cassini, Dawn, MESSENGER, OSIRIS-REx, Rosetta, Voyager Asteroids, Comets, Earth, Icy satellites, Io, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Small satellites, Vesta Shape modeling

Liz Jensen
Cassini, MESSENGER Solar particles/Solar wind Space-based observing, Spectroscopy, Remote sensing, Numerical modeling, Education/Public Outreach, Ground-based observing

Catherine Johnson
MESSENGER, OSIRIS-REx Asteroids, Earth, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Small satellites, Venus Tectonics, Volcanism, Education/Public Outreach, Magnetospherics

Faith Vilas
Hayabusa 1 (Japan), MESSENGER Asteroids, Dwarf planets, Mercury, Moon, Small satellites Ground-based observing, Remote sensing, Space-based observing, Spectroscopy Cerro Tololo, MMT ** Cameras, Spectrometers

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