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Astronomy Textbook Blends Faith and Science

susan dish
PSI Senior Scientist Susan Benecchi has co-authored a textbook that offers understanding of the relationship between faith and science with the goal of helping students to identify and integrate their own worldview. 

“The Crossroads of Science and Faith: Astronomy Through a Christian Worldview” has scientifically reviewed and accurate astronomical, examples of scientists who have wrestled with science/faith issues and come to a coherent relationship between the two, and exercises for the students to interact with the material in both faith and scientific areas.

Benecchi and her co-authors believe that there are two elements at work as parents choose curriculum: parents desire their children to become mature adults adhering to the faith of their upbringing, and students are frustrated when they don't understand how to rationally discuss their beliefs in relation to many current scientific discoveries.
Visit “At the Crossroads of Science and Faith: An Astronomy Curriculum” to see an article by Benecchi that appeared in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith published by the American Scientific Affiliation.
Above, Susan Benecchi stands with a model of the New Horizons spacecraft at a Pluto flyby event at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.
Below, a screen shot of an online high school astronomy class taught by Benecchi.
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Oct. 17, 2016

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